Over the years, Montmartre Italia Studio has developed, thanks to partnerships and to the expansion of his entourage, a number of specific skills in the field. Since the foundation we have today successfully handled:

    • Target
    • Competitors
    • Target price
    • Branding
    • Cool hunting
    • Planning
    • Research
    • Materials research
    • Accessorize
    • Design
    • Prototype
    • Sample
    • Packaging
    • Dye
    • Treatment
    • Printing
    • Embroidery
    • Development
    • Manufacturing
    • Shooting
    • Styling
    • Lookbook
    • Catalogue
    • Video
    • Web site
    • E-commerce
    • Web marketing
    • Storytelling
    • Social network
    • Visual
    • Events
    • Editing
    • Distribution
    • Internazionalization


Montmartre Italia Studio is a group of Italian designers who blend artistic experiences, experiments and various professional skills, acquired at prestigious Italian universities and academies and at major companies in the industry, to produce high quality and attractive design products.
We can count on a young and dynamic staff, composed entirely of professionals with academic background, work experiences and expertise in the industry, which over the years have been joined by a supporting cast to complete a highly qualified Entourage.

Carlo Di Fazio

Carlo Di Fazio

Founder / AD & CEO

Irene Tortora

Product Manager & Developer

Gabriella Ferrazzano

Branding & Product Placement

Lorenzo Vazzana

Web Marketer & Storyteller

Roberto Romito

Image Consultant & Style Strategy

Andrea Simone

Webmaster & Web Developer

Stefano Ventura

Graphic Designer & CG Artist


The Company has been developed with Carlo Di Fazio insight, now AD & CEO, who backed by fashion stylist studies in the Rome Academy Koefia and by professional expertise acquired in the family run business, has been willing to undertake a creative-entrepreneurial process, then involving in it also his younger sister, now cofounder and CTO. His sister as well, has gained insights in the fashion sector thanks to modeller studies in the same academy. Therefore Carlo has started to deep-dive and experiment every known technologies in order to create a structure which combines designer creativity and Italian know how in the production process.

Three main pillars at the heart of our work:


Montmartre Italia Studio has been officially launched on the market in 2008, with the following core ideas: being able to plan, manage and organize the business in full autonomy is the key to reach success and create an appropriate brand position.


Another fundamental aspect is the deep know-how of the production and manufacturing process which begins with the materials choice and goes through product marketing, in order to evaluate, step by step, the best quality-price-image dimensions and make the product more competitive with respect to peer competitors, who usually outsource to third parties all the value chain activities.


Another crucial aspect is the degree of flexibility in approaching the market. Contrarily to the usual attitude of companies setting necessarily a unique and defined style across all markets, not having the right appeal on specific targets, Montmartre Italia Studio has not a direct and binding link to a specific project. As a matter of fact, the company is able to present different targeted styles according to the markets specifications, by creating a brand-new style or by selecting it from partners. These qualities have allowed the company to gain credibility and appreciation among retailers and on the market itself, consequently Montmartre Italia Studio has been able to set partnerships with other firms which in turn put in place our services.

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